The Traveling Dress | Annapolis, Maryland


Let’s take a second to take in the beauty of that image above! Also, let me be clear… it’s not my skills making is gorg. It’s the fact that Kaitlyn went for it and KILLED it during this shoot! It was so fun and I love that I get to recap all of the deets!


The Traveling Dress Collective started in 2016 when a group of creative photographers wanted to know what it would be like to have the same dress pass through the lens of all of their cameras. They wanted to see how the dresses were interpreted by each other and the results were amazing!

Inspired by the official group, mini groups have popped up all over the world. When a classmate of mine offered to get one started, I knew I needed to jump on board! I love finding ways to get creative and push outside of my comfort zone.


Fast forward to the day that the dress arrived… I was so excited! I posted a preview on my Instastories and my friend, Kaitlyn, responded saying, “I need more information on this.” Little did she know, she was opening a can of worms! Let this be a warning to all of my friends… be careful what you ask about!


After a few text messages back and forth, Kaitlyn told me that she may have access to some boats. Um, ok! By the next weekend, I was in Annapolis with Mark and Caroline having the best afternoon. That evening, we were playing on some boats in a gorgeous dress! It was the best day.


What you can’t see is that it was really cold. The afternoon was gorgeous, but breezy. When the sun started going down, it got extra winding and really chilly. Kaitlyn handled it like a champ and I shot as fast as I could (while comfortably wearing my winter coat - sorry, Kaitlyn)!

Overall, it was an absolute blast and we were laughing the majority of the time - the exact way that I hope all of my shoots go. It helped that the wind was totally a bonus for that dress. It was flowing and we were living for it!

Don’t worry… I wasn’t done with this dress yet. I’ll have another post coming soon to show you how I styled it for the second go-around. Cheers!