A Sweet New Baby | Woodbridge, VA | Lifestyle Photography


I met this sweet girl’s mom through our love for the podcast, My Favorite Murder. If you’re a true crime junkie, like myself, and you aren’t listening to it… you must! Not only are Karen and Georgia the absolute best, but the community surrounding them are even better (if that’s possible).


Catie messaged me after I’d posted in the local “murderinos” page looking for couples to shoot to build my portfolio. She was pregnant, at the time, and knew that she was nearing the end. Maternity photos came first and we planned to do a Fresh 48.


Fast forward to the day this little lady was born… Catie messages me 2 weeks prior to her scheduled c-section. It went something like this: “Just a heads up… I’m on my way to the hospital and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have the baby. Oh… and ps - there’s a snow storm coming so don’t put yourself in danger to come to the hospital.”

She was right! She was having the baby the next day and there was a snow storm. The roads were covered in snow and sleet. I just couldn’t get there! I was super bummed because I LOVE Fresh 48 sessions. So, we quickly made a game plan for me to come to her house once they were settled.


When I finally got to meet her, I was so grateful and happy! Listen… She, in spite of the crazy circumstances surrounding her arrival, was so peaceful. She was super easy going!

For example, what you don’t see in this photo is the family dog being very upset that I was touching the baby. That puppy was barking up a storm and, yet, that little lady just slept and kept looking super cute. A job well done, for sure!


So, let’s recap all of the amazing things that this princess has done in her life already.

  • She introduced me to her mom, an awesome woman and new friend!

  • She dictated her own schedule… “Oh, you want me to wait 2 more weeks? That’s gonna be a hard no.”

  • She handles stressful situations with grace and peace.

You guys, I think we might have a future world leader on our hands! I can’t wait to watch her grow.