Wedding and Portrait Photographer serving the Northern Virginia and DMV area

I’m a mom, military spouse, root beer addict and Reality TV fanatic. To me, the best way to wind down from a long day is putting my daughter to bed and binge watching Real Housewives while simultaneously checking in on all of my favorite Bachelor Nation peeps on Instagram!

My husband, Mark, and I have have been married since 2012. We love to travel and do so often! Our favorite vacation, so far, is our trip to New Zealand where we rented a campervan and drove all around the North Island! Here are a few more facts about me:

I'd rather stay up until 3am than get up at 6am
I’m a 2 on the Enneagram scale
Fresh flowers give me life
If goat cheese is on the menu, I'm ordering it

In 2016, I realized that all of the creative outlets that I’d pursued throughout the course of my life were all pointing me to photography. Once I realized it, it was like I was home and I work really hard to feel like “home” to my clients. My goal is to serve you in a way that makes them feel special, energized, loved and valued!

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